Rated as One of the Best Behavior Trainings by Teachers! 

"These strategies will help our teachers reach the most difficult students in our classrooms." A. G. - Director of Special Education

 "Teachers, administrators, and student support staff should know these effective strategies. Thanks for a valuable day of training. Your presentation made the day go fast. Can you come to our schools and present this information to our staff?"  B. M. - School Administrator

​​"Wonderful! I think this is the best I have ever seen."  Illinois Attendee

"A very good and relevant workshop. If I can implement everything Mr. Dill taught, our school will be a better place. Thank You!"  Colorado Attendee

"Great presentation - one of the best I've been able to attend.  THIS WAS THE BEST PRESENTATION/CONFERENCE I HAVE EVER ATTENDED. Very informative and eye-opening.  I am very thankful to have been able to attend this conference.  Changed my approach on behavior entirely."

"Hands down the best PD that I have been to in YEARS! Everything presented was information that I could take back to my classroom and start today and oh boy did I! His use of simulation was SO POWERFUL!" 

"Mr. Dill is an awesome presenter – lots of great ideas and examples – I have some new, fresh ideas to use in class. I felt like he really knew and has experienced some of my students. Great experience! Every teacher should attend!"  Georgia Attendee

"Great, specific ideas that will help for behavior difficulties."

"Great presentation involving the ways in which to deal with behavior issues. I plan to implement noted strategies. Also, a lot of great quotes noted."  Texas Attendee

"Very, very good! Five Functions of Behavior were great and also information on 'language.' "

"Info was very good/helpful. Speaker was entertaining, easy to listen to."

"Kevin was very clear and he gave us lots of practical suggestions for use in the classroom. Liked the front-loading, direct instruction, and power teaching. The functions of behavior were also helpful."

"This was a very informative presentation! Modeled the teaching behaviors all the way through. Reinforced by having us teach it to one another."  Florida Attendee

"Fabulous!! He was great at keeping it light. So much great information.

"I enjoyed the teaching strategies. The 5-Power Teaching Strategies will be used and applied in my class. Thanks!"  W. Virginia Attendee

"Application to these ideas is doable. Dynamic and energetic presentation. Kept us energized and kept us learning."

"Hey Kevin, Michael from the class today in Atlanta. I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming to Atlanta and delivering such valuable content! The information that you presented was priceless. I so wish you had a video on this class I would probably watch it a million times"