SNT Consultation provides consultation and coaching to individual schools, programs, or teachers through on-site visits, video-conferencing, or tele-communications.

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All SNT trainers and consultants have extensive expertise in effective in for improving teacher and student performance.    Read More


SNT Consulting provides regional, state, and national trainings, along with on-site trainings specifically tailored to your school.  

We have one simple Goal: To provide exceptional training and consultation to improve student performance.

SNT Consulting was founded to support the academic success of all students through a collaborative model of working with the combined stakeholders in the educational community.  Our educational specialists and consultants understand and are trained to meet challenges and needs of educators in today’s classroom.  SNT's research-based workshops are structured around providing support in developing improvement plans, strategies, and actions.

SNT Consulting provides state and regional trainings, along with on-site workshops customized for your school’s professional development needs.  Educators learn effective strategies and practical classroom-proven techniques while earning continuing education credits.

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Popular Training Topics

The Most Powerful Solutions
for Eliminating Chronic Disruptive Behavior in Your Classroom

How to win over the most annoying student for the entire school year.
How to stop chronic talking dead in its tracks.
How to get an unresponsive, stubborn student working on his assignment.
How to handle an angry student without losing your cool or raising your voice.
How to eliminate annoying disruptive behaviors such as blurting out, pencil-tapping, throwing objects, and desktop-napping.
Learn the mistakes that almost every teacher makes with disruptive students.
The most powerful words that instantly defuse any confrontation with a student.
How to get disruptive students to do what you want them to do . . . and make them think it was their idea.
The specific most powerful words to use in every disruptive situation that will turn an explosive moment into a learning moment

Innovative and Evidenced Based Strategies
for Educating and Supporting Students with Autism

How to increase communication skills
How to use visual supports and visual schedules effectively
Improve receptive and expressive language
Strategies to improve social deficits
Solutions to reduce anxiety and stress
The most effective strategies for improving sensory processing
Reduce disruptive and inappropriate behavior while improving responsible behavior

Researched Based Reading/Math Interventions for Struggling Students

Instructional targeted strategies to accelerate reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
Interventions to refine and improve number sense, basic facts, computation, and problem solving

Differentiated Instruction and the Differentiated Classroom

TONS of High Impact St rategies for Reading, Language, Math, and Behavior
How to design Flexible Grouping to Support RtI
How to Set Up and Manage the D. I. Classroom
How to Create Differentiated Center Activities:
How to go beyond Grading using Forma ive Assessment Strategies
How to Modify and Scaffold Lessons of the D. I . Classroom
Leave with Ready t o Use Materials and Lessons to Accelerate Learning

The Most Effective Strategies
for Supporting Students who have Significant Mental Health Issues

Solutions to motivate the unmotivated student
Specific language to use with students who are depressed
Strategies to reduce anxiety and stress

Executive Function Disorders

Strategies for improving focus and attention in the classroom
How to improve work production with the most powerful intervention
Reduce chronic disruptive behavior to increase performance in the classroom

Sandy Behrens, M. Ed. has over 20 years of classroom teaching experience.  Sandy is the 2011 Central Illinois Golden Apple Award Winner  learn more

Kevin Dill, Ed S., launched SNT in 1998. He brings specialized experience in innovative educational a Special Education  learn more

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