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Teaching and Behavioral Strategies for Students with Autism

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for Eliminating Chronic Disruptive Behavior in Your Classroom


SNT Consulting provides regional, state, and national trainings, along with on-site trainings specifically tailored to your school.  

Executive Functioning Disorders - Creating the EF Friendly Classroom


SNT Consultation provides consultation and coaching to individual schools, programs, or teachers through on-site visits, video-conferencing, or tele-communications.

The Differentiated Classroom

If you would like to discuss the opportunity for one of our specialists to provide training, consultation, or coaching at your school...please contact us.  We provide blended solutions that are customizable, aligned, and differentiated to meet the needs and goals of your educators.

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Current Training Offerings

SNT Ed. Consulting

We have one simple Goal: To provide exceptional training and consultation to improve teacher competency and student performance.

SNT Ed. Consulting, LLC. was founded to support the academic success of all students through a collaborative model of working with the combined stakeholders in the educational community.  Our educational specialists and consultants understand and are trained to meet challenges and needs of educators in today’s classroom.  

Our consultants specialize in providing training and coaching to educators who are teaching maladaptive students, chronically disruptive students, and the very hard to reach students.  


All SNT trainers and consultants have extensive expertise in improving teacher and student performance.    Read More