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Want to know the most effective strategies that will stop and prevent Chronic Disruptive Behavior immediately?  Join us at this action packed live simulation training designed to give you the most effective strategies for preventing and eliminating behavior in your school and classroom.  You’ll learn and leave with ready to use techniques for Angry, Obnoxious, Defiant, Explosive, Aggressive, Controlling, Arrogant, Noisy, Oppositional and Maladaptive students.  See these techniques in action as presenter Kevin Dill, Ed. S., simulates implementation through live role playing. 

Here's a sample of what you'll learn at the training session: 

The most powerful strategy for any behavior, any student, at any time.

The most effective strategy that will get a disruptive student to comply, and make them think it was their idea.

How Southwest Airlines can be having a dramatic effect on behavior in your classroom and you don’t even know it.
The biggest mistakes that almost every teacher makes with disruptive students and how these mistakes can reinforce irresponsible behavior.

Behavior Traps, Tactics, and J.A.B.s – how these cause teachers to “lose it” and what to do instead that will help you keep your cool.
Understanding what really drives chronic maladaptive behavior and how to eliminate these drivers.

The single most effective technique to stop chronic talking dead in its tracks.
How an African Safari changed the way a teacher viewed behavior and how it changed classroom behavior for the rest of the year.
How losing is actually winning when dealing with behavior.
How to control your classroom without being in control at all.
How the impactful account of a boy from India can change the way we handle classroom behavior.
What action-oriented consequences are and why they are more powerful than ordinary consequences teachers use.     

How one teacher created a lesson so powerful that her students remembered it for years
How a maladaptive student named Josh sucked all of the time, energy, and resources of an entire school, and what the faculty did to change his behavior.
The strategies that master level teachers use to control behavior…before the students even walk into the classroom
How a powerful strategy like the mystery motivator can dramatically improve homework completion, paying attention, and attendance.
How an air-traffic controller can influence how you engineer classroom design, that improves executive functioning and learning.
What a stuck car has to do with maladatpive behavior. 
How adverse childhood experiences create toxic brains and maladaptive behavior.
Why the brain prunes neuropathways and how that impacts behavior
The strategy that one amazing teacher used with her most challenging students…that changed her classroom for the entire year!
The simple formula that causes meltdowns and blow-ups - and what to do about them.
How a few simple, yet powerful, words can diffuse any confrontation with any student and what those words are.

What to say to obnoxious students who ask you embarrassing personal questions in front of the class.
The technique used to get an unresponsive, stubborn student working on their assignment, even if their head is down...pretending not to listen.
How to handle an angry student without losing your cool or raising your voice.
What to tell a student who insists, “You can’t tell me what to do!

How the Native American medicine wheel inspired our work with the most challenging, maladaptive students.
What the Sears Tower, model airplanes and little green frogs have in common that motivate the unmotivated student.
The conditional yes and why this is one of the most effective techniques for students who are oppositional and defiant.

How saying yes (instead of no) to an oppositional and defiant student is a strategy that shapes behavior without them knowing it.
How a bowling ball and a turkey improved the behavior of an entire elementary school, reduced office referrals and accelerated social-emotional learning.
Why a student cursing over 250 times per day can be a good thing!
Why having a special lunch 1 time per week can change behavior.
How a 2 minute meeting can help you manage a manipulator and a narcissist.
Why choice language therapy is one of the most effective cognitive behavioral therapy approaches today! 

How to win over the most annoying student for the entire school year.

Why normal students buy into the concept of school, and why disruptive kids don’t. (And what you can do to get the disruptive kids to buy into it, too)
The single biggest factor in becoming "that one special teacher" students will remember the rest of their lives.
The one, sure-fire response to use when you’re being verbally abused by any student or parent.
How a classic technique can transform the most unreachable student and turn them into your ally for the entire year.
The specific most powerful words to use in every disruptive situation that will turn an explosive moment into a learning moment.
Why some kids don’t respond well to praise and others do --- and what you can say to the ones who don’t.

An easy way to find out what your student secretly loves on the first day of class. (Once you know what makes him tick, he’ll be yours till June.)
A simple way to guarantee that your student will never forget his homework assignment.

About the Presenter

Kevin Dill, Ed.S.has worked with chronically disruptive students his entire career in education. He earned a Specialist Degree in Education focusing on Innovative Educational Interventions and Strategies.  As a Special Education Teacher, Principal, and Director of Special Education, Kevin brings his extensive experience working with the most difficult and challenging students including students who have behavior disorders, mental health disorders, Autism, and social-emotional dysfunction.  
As an accomplished speaker and presenter throughout the United States, Kevin has trained thousands of teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents.  He serves as the primary Educational Consultant for multiple school districts and corporations.  With tons of humorous real life stories and current research, you will learn the most powerful and practical strategies that master level teachers use to reach and teach chronically disruptive students. Regardless if you’re a first-year or veteran educator, you won’t want to miss this power packed seminar!  You’ll leave refreshed and renewed with a new set of strategies ready to implement in your classroom and school the next day!  

Session Times

8:30 - Check In/Sign In

9:00-11:30  Morning Session

11:30-12:30 - Lunch (On Your Own)

12:30 - 3:00   Afternoon Session 

Certificate of Attendance 

Participants will receive a certifcate of attendance for 5 instructional hours. Certificates of Completion for this workshop, which indicate 5 contact hours of continuing education, will be available at the end of the workshop. In many cases, depending on your profession and jurisdiction, this Certificate of Completion is sufficient for tracking your continuing education and professional development efforts. We suggest that you contact your local board or governing agency to see exactly what steps are necessary for approval in your particular discipline.

Attendees Love the Training - Here are just a few of the thousands of comments and feedback we've received.

"Mr. Dill is an awesome presenter, lots of great ideas and examples. I have some new, fresh ideas to use in class. I felt like he really knew and has experienced some of my students. Great experience! Every teacher should attend!" - Colorado Attendee

“I learned many strategies that I can use immediately” - Arizona Attendee

"These are awesome strategies, amazing how my students responded the first time I used the scoreboard technique" - Florida Attendee

"Thanks for having this class! It's one of the best I've ever taken. Do you come to school districts and provide training directly to teachers? We'd love to have you come and present  these strategies to our staff?" - Texas Attendee

"I used the "Choice Language" approach on a student who is Oppositional, and it stopped his annoying and frustrating behavior in it's tacks...like immediately" Wow!!! Thank you so much. I have been struggling with this student for months!" - Indiana Attendee

"I have a student who gives me "guff" in class...pencil tapping, rude noises and comments, out of seat, and just all around defiance....these strategies such as Limit Setting and the Point and Level System stopped that within two days of implementing them. Where were you, Kevin Dill, when I was a first year teacher??? I needed to know these strategies long ago" - Texas Attendee

"Mr. Dill is an awesome presenter, lots of great ideas and examples. I have some new, fresh ideas  like the Bulls Eye strategy to use in class. I felt like he really knew and has experienced some of my students. Great experience! Every teacher should attend!" - Ohio Attendee

"This is the best conference I have attended. Mr. Dill was hilarious and engaging throughout the entire day. I wish he could come to my school for all to hear." - Illinois Attendee

These are just a few of the hundreds and thousands of comments received from teachers and school leaders. Don't let another day pass without knowing these easy to learn and easy to implement strategies that stop chronic disruptive behavior immediately! Every teacher wants students to perform at their top level.Behavior is the number #1 cause for underperforming classrooms and underachieving students. Learn these effective and powerful strategies to stop disruptive behavior and significantly improve student and classroom performance.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about registration or the training, contact us at the following: 

Phone:  309-925-5774

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Note - This training always fills up quickly.  We recommend that you register as soon as possible.  Your name will be placed on a waiting list if we receive your registration after the training fills up.   To register online, go to the top of this page and click the city and state you want to attend.  Or, contact us and we can register you over the phone or by email. 

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