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SNT Consulting provides regional, state, and national trainings, along with on-site trainings specifically tailored to your school.  

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Behavior Strategies for Your Classroom - 90 min. Online Training Video 

Back by popular demand…don’t miss this action packed online training designed to give you evidenced based strategies for the defiant, challenging, explosive, aggressive, controlling, maladaptive, angry, obnoxious, arrogant, rude, noisy, and uncontrollable student! 

Join accomplished presenter, teacher, and author Kevin Dill, Ed.S., present practical and evidenced based behavior solutions to K-12 educators. Kevin brings his extensive experience working with the most difficult students as a special education teacher, principal, and director of special education.  With tons of humorous real life stories and current research, you will learn the most powerful strategies that master level teachers use to reach and teach chronically disruptive students.  These time-tested strategies will help turn a classroom of chaos into a classroom of control.  Whether you’re a first-year or veteran educator, you'll want to see this power packed training!  You’ll be refreshed and renewed with a new set of strategies ready to implement tomorrow!  

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Autism Teaching Strategies and Behavioral Interventions for the Classroom

Join Jamie Hollis, MS, LPC, Director of Autism and Developmental Services for a 60 minute on-line video providing you the most powerful teaching strategies and behavioral interventions for students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder.  As a Masters Level Clinician and Licensed Professional Counselor, Jamie directs the Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Clinic providing comprehensive clinical evaluation for diagnosing children who may have Autism. As Director, Jamie was instrumental in leading the development of The Autism Learning Center, an Intensive Therapeutic Autism Program which provides ABA, DIR/Floortime, and Sensory Integration based interventions for accelerating learning, communication, behavior, and social-emotional skills.



SNT Consultation provides consultation and coaching to individual schools, programs, or teachers through on-site visits, video-conferencing, or tele-communications.