Still teaching 3rd grade at an elementary school in Illinois, Sandy Beherns has over 20 years of classroom teaching experience.  Sandy is the 2011 Central Illinois Golden Apple Award Winner and has earned a national reputation as a renowned education speaker and author.  Sandy’s high energy, humor, and keen insights have made her a very popular presenter at many state, national, and international conferences.  She trains extensively on the Differentiated Classroom in the areas of reading, writing, math, and classroom management to help all children learn.  She has developed curriculum materials in writing, math, language arts, reading, and social studies to support the Differentiated Classroom.  

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During his tenure in education, Kevin has served as a special education teacher, public school principal, and director of special education.  An accomplished and renowned educator and popular speaker, Kevin offers practical instructional strategies to help all students learn.  Kevin is known across the country for his innovative and researched based strategies designed to eliminate chronic disruptive behavior and improve student performance in the classroom.  He is a specialist in the area of student behavior with over 20 years of teaching experience.  Kevin has authored several education resources including the Most Powerful Solutions to Eliminating Chronic Disruptive Behavior in Your Classroom.

Jennifer Jewell, PhD is an educational consultant, trainer, and practicing school psychologist. Jennifer has presented at the state and national level on all topics related to Response to Intervention (RtI). Jennifer has worked as an RtI coach and consultant in over forty districts across central Illinois. Most recently Jennifer has been training on the implementation of RtI in the special education setting, utilizing data in education, and assessment and intervention methods in the areas of math, reading, and written expression. Jennifer is a published researcher in the field of curriculum-based measurement and incorporates evidence-based strategies in her workshops as well as in her role as a school psychologist. Jennifer’s ability to highlight her trainings with examples from the field make her a very sought-after presenter.

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Sandy Beherns, Ms.Ed. 

Jamie Hollis served as the Director of Autism and Developmental Services for Easter Seals Central Illinois. As a Masters Level Clinician and Licensed Professional Counselor, Jamie directed the Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Clinic providing comprehensive clinical evaluation for diagnosing children who may have Autism. As Director, Jamie was instrumental in leading the development of The Autism Learning Center, an Intensive Therapeutic Autism Program which provides ABA, DIR/Floortime, and Sensory Integration based interventions for accelerating learning, communication, behavior, and social-emotional skills. As an educational consultant to both public and private school systems, Jamie has worked extensively with

At-Risk youth. She has provided students with educational and behavioral evaluations, as well as interventions and strategies for improving processing, sustained attention, executive functioning, and behavioral skills. Jamie graduated Suma Cum Laude from Bradley University with a Bachelor’s of Science in General Psychology and earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She has taught graduate level courses related to Cognitive Assessment and authored continued therapy curriculum for high-risk adolescents. As an accomplished consultant and presenter, Jamie brings her extensive knowledge, experience, and the most current researched based interventions for improving academic, social-emotional, and behavior skills for students who have Autism.

Jamie Hollis, MS. LPC.

Gwen Badgerow, Ms.Ed. is a master level trainer and educational psychologist who specializes in how the brain receives, processes, stores, and recalls information.  She is an Adjunct Professor of Assessment of Special Needs at Eureka College.  Gwen was nominated for the Ted Smith practitioner of the year and winner of the Innovative Practices award for two consecutive years.  She is an international presenter and trainer bringing her unique and dynamic approach to teaching and learning.  During trainings, Gwen utilizes high levels of humor, energy, activity, and audience interaction.  For the past several years, Gwen has focused her practice of developing and implementing researched based interventions for students who are struggling in reading, language, writing, and math.


SNT Consultation provides consultation and coaching to individual schools, programs, or teachers through on-site visits, video-conferencing, or tele-communications.

Sherri Bolen has enjoyed 25 years of educating elementary and middle school students. With a Master of Arts in Teaching, her dynamic presentations are a wealth of standards based, literature centered ideas differentiated to meet the various learning styles within the classroom. Sherri’s blend of high energy and enthusiasm mixed with audience participation and interaction make her a very popular presenter. 


SNT Consulting provides regional, state, and national trainings, along with on-site trainings specifically tailored to your school.  

Sherri Bolen, Ms.Ed. 


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